Birthday Cake Pancake Mix

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Tasting like a delicious cake and sprinkled with naturally colored confetti pieces this mix has quickly won over the hearts of many. The flavor for this mix was inspired by the CEO when he thought of making pancakes for his children on their Birthday! We affectionately call this mix - 'The birthday cake that Dad can make'! But any day can be a cause for celebration. Enjoy this mix when celebrating a graduation, job promotion, sports win, personal achievement or just sitting down with friends and loved ones. Parents will appreciate that this mix is non-GMO and contains NO artificial flavors or colorings.

Pancakes: 1 cup pancake mix + 2/3 cup cold water + 1 egg + 1 Tbsp oil or melted butter.
Waffles: 1 cup pancake mix + 1 egg + 2/3 cup cold water + 1 Tbsp oil or melted butter.