Handy Guide to Nail Fungus

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Jim began researching remedies and methods for treating cracking heel (a form of athlete’s foot) over 20 years ago when he had that problem. From that early research and successful cure of his own cracking heel, he discovered how many people suffer from nail fungus. Every magazine and internet site seems to have one or more so-called remedies for nail fungus. The all-natural herbal concoction he created for himself years ago, worked to cure his father’s nail fungus. (His father’s doctor claimed there was no cure and was going to remove his father’s infected nails; after Jim’s dad’s nail fungus healed completely, the doctor called to ask what Jim had used on his father).

In this book, you will find useful and up to date information about which treatments and therapies are successful in treating nail fungus, and which ones to avoid, as well as lots of tips and cautions when looking for a remedy for your nail fungus. Just about every available treatment is listed and compared. You’ll learn about the connection of nail fungus with athlete’s foot and cracking heel and discover how easy those are to treat.