Zuzu's Praline Candy Mix

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Bring the traditional culinary flavors of New Orleans home! With Zuzu Praline Pecan Mix, anyone can make homemade creamy, buttery pralines. This simple candy base mix takes requires no special cooking skills or tools, and is completely fail-proof. Simply add pecans and in one minute of cook time, authentic pralines are ready to be enjoyed! Praline pecans were invented in the 19th Century in New Orleans.

The combination of cream, sugar, and buttery pecans was an instant hit and has become a Southern cuisine staple every since. Pralines are an indulgent treat that are crunchy, chewy, and decadent. They are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Developed right in the heart of Cajun Country and made in Iberia, Louisiana, Zuzu Pecan Praline Candy Mix was developed using traditional Southern recipes perfected over the generations. There is no more authentic praline found outside of New Orleans. Zuzu Pecan Praline Candy Mix does more than just make great pralines. As a versatile candy base mix, it can be used as a cake or pie filling, an indulgent dessert sauce, and other regional Southern candies. With each package comes eight other delicious recipes to try!

Zuzu Pecan Praline Candy Mix paired with a bag of premium quality pecans makes a unique and personal gift. Giving Zuzu candy mix isn’t just a wonderful way to introduce someone to the delectable taste of pralines, it’s also the gift of a fun experience. They are incredibly easy to make with guaranteed delicious results! Homemade pralines could not be easier with Zuzu Pecan Praline Candy Mix! Try them today and experience the sweet delights of this famous Southern candy!